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Mental Health Awareness Month 2015 collaboration with Mental Health Channel

May is Mental Health Awareness Month. NAMI of Miami collaborating with The Mental Health Channel (MHC) that was launched this past year. Each video provides insight on a wide array of mental health topics in often entertaining and unexpected ways. Each video is less than 15 minutes long.We are uploading a video a day until the end of the month and here’s what to expect:

Nami-Caretaking 101May 13 – Family Portrait: Caretaking 101: Legal Guardianship Tips from a mother who became the guardian of her adult son, to ensure he had the best of care. (6:24)



 Nami2May 13- C.Y. Finding His Path – Selvaughn was abandoned, evicted onto the streets at 17, then diagnosed with depression. Facing these challenges would turn out to be the start of a new life. (6:38)
Nami3May 13- TCG The Back Stretch For the 2500 traveling workers who make the Saratoga horse races possible, a community-based program has sprung up to offer mental health care. (7:02) 
Through high school and college, she struggled with an eating disorder. Then therapy, tattoo art and reconnection to her religion gave her the strength to leave behind. (7:44) 
Ramey Ko, 33. Law partner. Judge. Bipolar. And, running for Travis County Treasurer. Over the last day of a nail-biter election, Ramey shows us how nothing slows him down. (7:27)
Nami6May 16 – DB The Right Moves old Sean is learning to manage his anxiety, one step at a time. (7:12)
 Nami7May 17 – FP Good Fun Mental health challenges don’t stop this family from having a great time. (8:05)
Nami8May 18 – TJH Healing Waters Three combat vets, each injured in a different war, find healing through fly-fishing. (14:13)
Nami9May 19 – TCG The Right Response Police are often the first responders in mental health crises. San Antonio’s new mental healthunit is providing a successful model for the future. (12:11)
Nami-Best Day EverMay 20 – CY The Best Day Ever totally changing her approach and perspecitve, Grace created the life she always wanted. (9:52)
NAMI-Stay ConnectedMay 21 – MF Stay Connected – 91-year old Blanche Trachtman stays mentally fit through a positive attitude and daily activities with a dozen good friends.
NAMI- Virtual RealityMay 22 – DRB Virtual Reality Therapy – Using virtual reality, clinicians take veterans back to battle to defuse traumatic  memories. Could it be equally effective for other mental health issues?
NAMI - SchizophreniaMay 23 – TIS Schizophrenia – Brandon Staglin went from brilliant engineering student to institutionalized. Over the next decade he fought his way back, to help found a leading brain research organization.
NAMI=Way Up, Way DownMay 24 – SFI Way up, Way down – – Sam Tormey was the perfect student, when suddenly his life went off the rails. Through a        diagnosis of bipolar disorder, he found the way between the highs and lows.
NAMI - Ill In The FamilyMay 25 – FP Ill in the Family – – Both of May Howard’s parents had bipolar disorder, and she and her sister inherited it. By relying on each other, they prove that even families with serious challenges can persevere.
Biology of SuicideMay 26 – DRB The Biology of Suicide – What if, with a blood test, we could tell if someone were going to kill themselves? An alliance of doctors is using clinical history and cutting edge technology to search for the biological basis of suicide and other mental health issues.
Warrior WithinMay 27 – SF The Warrior Within – A Vietnam veteran finds peace through an ancient martial art and the healing power of nature.
Sharing StrengthMay 28 – TCG Sharing Strength -Dr. Kelly Boyd leads a postpartum support group, for four mothers with four different and    powerful experiences.
The Mission ContinuesMay 29 – TJH The Mission Continues – Veterans find new ways to serve, using skills and teamwork learned in battle to refurbish a middle school in Washington DC’s poorest zip code.
Be PositiveMay 30 – CY Be Positive’s life hangs in the balance. She’s on a 5 year transplant wait list, and may not have 5 years to wait.    She prioritizes her mental health to counter depression.
Major Depression 2May 31 – TIS Major Depression Ch 2 – Julie Hersh had it all: a beautiful family, a loving husband, financial freedom — anddepression so severe she nearly threw it all away.

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